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The Vaunted on Executus (PvP)
Recruitment Information
Mar 10, 09 10:54 PM
Welcome to the Vaunted!
Feb 7, 09 7:50 PM
All recruits must be in Naxxramas 10 Man gear and above to be considered. We are going to be focusing on 25 mans as soon as possible. Please go to the Forums to post an application!
Other Guild News

Recruitment Information

Healzk, Mar 10, 09 10:54 PM.
We are currently looking for players of these classes to fill our raids:

Paladin - Open
Priest - Disc (Must be well geared)
Rogue - Closed
Mage - Open
Druid - Resto/Feral Tank/Balance
Death Knight - Closed
Warrior - Closed
Shaman - Resto/Enhance
Hunter - Open
Warlock - Open

If you are apart of any of the Closed classes or specs feel free to apply, if we feel that you are exceptional and will fit better then one of our own then we will give you a chance at glory!

Welcome to the Vaunted!

Healzk, Feb 7, 09 7:50 PM.
We are a raiding guild on Executus, a PvP server. We focus on raiding 25 mans, and we are currently trying to fill our open slots for the upcoming content patch, Ulduar. Recruitment is now COMPLETELY open, so if you feel you can raid on a consistent basis and not wipe 24 other people then apply!

Good luck on your endeavors inside or outside of The Vaunted!
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